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RCO Meeting

Re: 6814-20 Old York Road - May 2, 2022

East Oak Lane Residents are invited and urged to review the recorded Registered Community Organization Meeting that was held on Monday, May 2 via Zoom.  Applicant Henry Le owns the named property with his mother, Dien Tran.  They are applying for a zoning variance for this property. to build a walkway at the rear of the building roof to allow for entrance and exit to the proposed apartments and for fire safety exit.  The Applicant also proposed renovating the building to accommodate 5 apartments on the second floor and 5 commercial establishments at the ground level.

Please note although the zoning board granted permission for the extension previously, because it was not completed by the Applicant, the permit expired.  Also note, this property is in Common Pleas Court under a Conservatorship petition and is being monitored by the Court to determine if the building will  remain under Applicant control or a Conservator designated to do basic repairs and correct immediate façade and internal improvements. Judge Butchart for adherence to submitted plans for renovation and rehabilitation of this building, which was vacant for 10-12 years under this Applicant's ownership.

Oak Lane Community Action Association Community Meeting Ballot

You may suggest a continuance of the ZBA hearing to allow the Applicant to complete a written plan and agreement with the Community regarding essential elements for safety hygiene and community aesthetic regarding the types of businesses as lessees.   



Link below:


Property Address: 6814-20 Old York Road
Meeting Date: 05/02/2022
Location: Zoom Meeting
Purpose: New Use Proposal Review


Passcode: r3#kyD4.  (Please include the period)

The Zoning Board Hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, May 18, 2022 at 2:00 p.m. 


Below are Instructions for joining the Live Zoom ZBA Hearing:


If you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone, please join us online:

• Webinar ID: 820 8829 2595

• Password: 634842

• The meeting will open to the public at 9:30 a.m.

• You will be asked to fill out your information in a registration page in order to enter the hearing, please allow yourself at least 5-10 minutes to access the meeting and enter this required information before the hearing begins.

• The information you enter will be considered a “Notice of Appearance” and you must select the case(s) that you are attending.

• After you join the meeting, when appropriate, you will be instructed to use the “raise hand” function, if you wish to testify.


If you do not have a computer, tablet, or smartphone, please join us on your landline telephone. You will be able to listen, but not see the presentation:

• Dial 1-646-876-9923

• Webinar ID: 820 8829 2595

• Password: 634842

• If you join by phone, staff will announce instructions during the hearing for submitting a “Notice of Appearance.”

• To be heard at the appropriate time, you will be instructed to dial *6 to use the “raise hand” function.




The community is invited to listen and observe the conservatorship hearing on Friday, May 20 at 11:20 a.m.  You may call 215-683-7104 to be connected by phone or join by Zoom Meeting ID 4560535367. 


Passcode: r3#kyD4.  (Please include the period)

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