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Oak Lane Day, September 22, 2018  noon - 6PM!
Come out and celebrate East Oak Lane with your neighbors!
East Oak Laner makes Lutheran Church history
On May 5, 2018 Pastor Patricia A. Davenport became the first African American woman to be elected Bishop in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA).  An interview with her will be featured in our August newsletter.
Penn Asian Senior Services  (PASSi)  Autumn Festival 
September 29  10:30 AM - 2:30 PM
At the parking lot and Boonam Hall  (6926 Old York Road, Phila.)
Vietnam, China, and Cambodia have almost the same full moon holiday as the Korean Chuseok (Autumn Festival).  Even though there are similar games and food, each country has its own unique rituals.
The opening of the Asian Chuseok Festival is an opportunity to showcase each tradition.  Attendees will enjoy the unique Autumn Festival and take pride in their own culture while,
at the same time, introducing it to others.
Sharing delicious Asian food, enjoying cultural music and dance, and wearing ethnic dress are important ways to both celebrate our differences and gain greater appreciation for the many ways we are alike.  All are welcome to attend this FREE community event at PASSi!
Coming soon -- The East Oak Lane Community Cookbook

OLCAA is fundraising by preparing a wonderful custom cookbook featuring favorite recipes from our neighbors.  The cookbook will be professionally published, and is certain to become a treasured keepsake.  Please submit 2-3 of your favorite recipes by July 30, 2018 so you can be represented in our book, following the instructions.  Your name will be printed with each of your recipes.  Feel free to add a note about what makes the recipe special to you or your family.


Thank you for contributing recipes, as this will help to ensure that our cookbook will be a huge success. We anticipate great demand for the books, and we want to be certain to order plenty.
So place your book order early!



Use these tips to ensure recipes are accurate, clear, and uniform.

  1. Make sure all ingredients are included in the directions.  List in the order used.

  2. Include all amounts and container sizes.  Ex.  2 (8-oz.) cans, 1 (14-oz.) pkg.
    Use parentheses to separate amounts.

  3. Abbreviate measurements in the ingredients list (See Standard Abbreviations below),
    but spell them out in the directions.

  4. Be consistent with names, ingredients, etc.  For example, don’t use “1 c. butter” on
    some recipes but “2 sticks butter” on others.

  5. Use ingredient names in the directions.  Ex. Use “Combine flour and sugar.”
    rather than “Combine the first two ingredients.”

  6. Include temperatures and all cooking, chilling, baking, or freezing times.

  7. Make sure ingredients and directions are clear, thorough, and accurate.
    For example, don’t assume the reader knows how to make yeast bread!

  8. Submit recipes exactly as you want them to appear.

  9. Keep ingredients separate, and directions in one paragraph.  Do not submit recipes
    in steps, columns, charts, or as an entire paragraph.  Recipes that do not conform
    to our format will be omitted.

  10. Ingredients may include trademarked names.  Ex.  Miracle Whip®   Do NOT use trade-marked words for recipe titles, else they will be replaced with an acceptable alternative.
    Ex. Kentucky Derby® Pie  will become Chocolate Nut Pie.


c. – cup                       pt. – pint                      qt. – quart                    gal. – gallon

oz. – ounce                lb. – pound                  tsp. – teaspoon           T. – tablespoon

sm. – small                med. – medium          lg. – large                      reg. – regular

doz. – dozen             env. – envelope           pkg. – package            opt. – optional

ctn. – carton or container


Your recipes should fit into one of the following categories:

Appetizers & Beverages            Soups & Salads          Vegetables & Side Dishes

Main Dishes              Breads & Rolls                 Desserts                       This & That

Happy Chuseok Day!

       Send us your recipes!

Click here  for a Recipe Submission form.  Fill in the form online and save the file.  Email it to us as an attachment by 7/30/18  at
(Use as the Subject line:  Recipes


Or you can mail the completed form to:


                 OLCAA Cookbook
                    P.O. Box 2926
             Philadelphia, PA 19141

   Preorder your cookbooks!

Click here  for a Recipe Writing Tips & Cookbook Preorder  form.  Fill in the form online.  Follow same steps as above, but use for email Subject line:

Cookbook Preorder

Condolences to Board member Iris Brunson
and family on the passing of her mother on
June 10, 2018.
Help us replace the car-damaged bench and flower urn at 5th St. & 66th Avenue---
Donate to OLCAA!
And remember -- lock your car doors!

First Mural Arts mural

in East Oak Lane!

PASSi mural by Ann Northrop

© 2018   Oak Lane Community Action Association  (OLCAA)  -  Striving to build a better neighborhood

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