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OLCAA's 50th Anniversary

Please come and celebrate a community – a community that you have helped preserve.


We are fortunate to live in a community that is diversified and united.  We are a caring and involved community that cares about community and city-wide concerns.  East Oak Lane is one of the closest pieces of heaven that you can get in Philadelphia.  Not only do we have beautiful homes, but we also have beautiful people – friendship and memories that will last throughout our lives.  This is what we want to celebrate!  This is what we must continue to protect.  We should be proud of our East Oak Lane community and the organization that represents and protects it – OLCAA.


OLCAA will celebrate 50 years of nurturing our community.  Since its inception, OLCAA’s past and present chairperson and board members have been dedicated and devoted to serving their community.  We have fought a lot of battles and will continue to fight the war that is trying to destroy our community.  We cannot let this happen.  We must continue to support OLCAA in any way deemed necessary.  We must cross whatever barriers that may try to infringe on our community.  Together, with all our diversifies and unity, we will continue to celebrate and honor a great organization.


Come join in the celebration on Saturday, June 11, 2022.  We are combining our “Members Only Dinner” with this 50th Anniversary.  OLCAA is planning to celebrate on Oak Lane (time TBA). At our “M.O.D.”/ 50th Anniversary, there will be food and fun for all – OLCAA members eat for free. Help OLCAA continue to serve our community by getting your commemorative celebratory gifts by donating just $50. Your thank you 50th Anniversary Gift will  include a 50th Anniversary t-shirt, reusable tote/bag, a light up pen, other goodies, and a cookbook, notebook, or a book from one of our neighborhood authors – yes, we have talent in EOL! The whole neighborhood is invited.


This is not a fundraiser – it is a celebration!  Come and see an old friend and meet new ones.  We hope you will partake in this once-in-a-lifetime event.

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