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2021-2022 OLCAA Board of Directors

President:  Smiley Ferebee                            Vice President:  Sharon Wilson, Esq.

Interim Secretary:  Michele Pemberton    Treasurer:  Erin Lightheart

Beautification Chair:  Kelly McShain Tyree

Communications Chair:  Andrea Mayo

Crime, Safety & Security Chair:  Eric Brice*

Data Administrator:  Eric Brice

Development Chair:  Sharon Wilson, Esq.

Housing & Zoning Chair:  Freida Williams*

                              Co-Chair:   Jethro Heiko

Membership Chair:  Earlene Mitchell*

Quality of Life Chair:  Sandi Hollie

Financial Secretary:  Al Mitchell*

Board Members:  Iris Brunson and Karen Williams

The Oak Lane Community Action Association, better known as OLCAA, is made up of volunteers within our neighborhood. We meet the second Wednesday of each month; but often work on many items of community concern throughout the month, via phones calls, texts, and emails. Our board is always working for our community, even when you don’t see us. I am proud of the people that I sit on the OLCAA Board with. These are people with many talents and skill sets, who are willing to share ideas, be of service, work through anomalies, and come to a unified resolve. 

general membership meeting  is held each May.  The Board of Directors

is elected at this meeting by the full members of OLCAA.

Board members are elected to a two-year term, and may serve for a maximum of three consecutive terms.  After a hiatus of one year, they may run for re-election, and the three-term-limit clock begins anew.

Nominate yourself or a neighbor with this form.

All nominations for 2022-2023 must be received by Sunday, May 15!


*Designates Board Members

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